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Minuteman II Major Features

Performance improvements realized in Minuteman II include greater range, increased throw weight, improved accuracy and reliability, multiple target selection, and greater penetration capability. The major new features provided by Minuteman II were:

- An improved first-stage motor to increase reliability.

- A new-technology, single, fixed nozzle with liquid injection thrust vector control (TVC) on a larger secondstage motor to increase missile range. Additional motor improvements to increase reliability.

- An improved guidance system, incorporating semiconductor integrated circuits and miniaturized discrete electronic parts. Minuteman II was the first program to make a major commitment to these new devices. Their use made possible multiple target selection, greater accuracy and reliability, a reduction in the overall size and weight of the guidance system, and an increase in the survivability of the guidance system in a nuclear environment.

- A penetration aids system to camouflage the warhead during its reentry into an enemy environment.

- A larger warhead in the reentry vehicle (RV) to increase kill probability.

Minuteman II Major Features
Minuteman II Major Features