Air Force Bases

Nike Missile Bergstrom AFB Defense Area

The 4th Missile Battalion, 7th Artillery defended the Austin/Bergstrom Air Force Base area for 6 years. By the 1950s Austin was one of the fastest growing cities in the state in terms of size and economic importance. Bergstrom AFB was established in 1942 and hosted the 12th and 27th Fighter wings from 1950 to 1958. SAC took operational control of the base in 1958 with the activation of the 910th Air Refueling Squadron. S squadron of B-52Ds followed in January 1959. Bomber and tanker operations continued there through October 1966 under the 4130th Strategic Wing and the 340th Bombardment Wing. The Air Force closed the installation as an active base in September 1993.

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