Air Force Bases

Nike Missile Locations Alaska

StateSite NameMissile TypeDefense AreaSite LocService DatesControl site condition/ownerLaunch Site condition/owner
AlaskaBayNike 2AK/8L-HAnchorageAnchorage (25 mi NE)Mar 1959 - May 1979Intact State correctional facilityIntact Launch remains, no use known
PointNike 4AK/16L-HAnchorageAnchorage (10 mi SW)Apr 1959 - May 1971Obliterated FDS foundations only remainIntact Site now a city park, Kincaid Park 4 launchers standing, 1 used as a ski hut
SummitNike 2AK/8L-HAnchorageAnchorage (25 mi NE/Chugach MountainsMay 1959 - May 1979Intact Army ownership, best preserved Alaskan SiteIntact Anry ownership, best preserved Alaskan Site
JigNike 2AK/8L-HFairbanksEielson AFB (5 mi S)Mar 1959 - May 1970Obliterated Private ownership, demolishedPartially Intact, Private ownership, 1 launcher used to store dynamite
LoveNike 2AK/8L-HFairbanksFairbanks (10 mi NW)Mar 1959 - May 1971Obliterated, State of Alaska control, demolishedObliterated, State of Alaska control, demolished
MikeNike 2AK/8L-HFairbanksEielson AFB (10 mi SE)Mar 1959 - May 1970Obliterated, Army ownership, demolishedObliterated, Army ownership, demolished
PeterNike 2AK/8L-HFairbanksEielson AFB (15 mi E)Mar 1959 - May 1971Obliterated, Army terrorism training siteObliterated, Army terrorism training site
TareNike 2AK/8L-HFairbanksNewman (20 mi S)Mar 1959 - May 1971Obliterated, Corps of Engineers control, demolishedPartially Intact, Launch remains, serves as administration facility for Chena Reiver Lakes Recreation Area

Nike Missile Type Key

Missile Storage: C=Ajax only, original design B=Ajax or Hercules, some modifications were required for the elevator to handle the Hercules launcher. D= Either, increaed access room in the magazine
Missile Launcher: A=Ajax AA=Double Ajax launchers AG=Above Ground H=Hecrules L=Launcher K=Unoffical designation for Alaskan above ground launchers U=Uniersal launcher UA=1/2 Universal and 1/2 Ajax launchers UU=Double Univeral launchers
Note: Launchers converted to Hercules are given in parenthesis, e.g. (8L-H)

This data is from the book To Defend and Deter: The Legacy of the United States Cold War Missile Program