Nike Missile Loring Defense Area

Four Nike Ajax sites were placed around Loring AFB: (L-13) Caswell, (L-31) Limestone, (L-58) Caribou, and (L-85) Conner. Headquarters facilities were located at Loring.

The New England Division of the Army Corps of Engineers managed the construction of these sites. Manned by Regular Army units, these sites provided defense for Loring AFB and the northeastern approaches to the United States. In 1960, sites L-13 and L-58 underwent conversion from Ajax to Hercules missiles. These sites remained operational until 1966.

The missilemen of Loring obtained some notoriety in November 1958 during Annual Service Practice at Fort Bliss, Texas. These men, members of the 3rd Missile Battalion, 61st Artillery, launched 12 Nike Ajax missiles and recorded 12 kills-a U.S. Army Air Defense Command first.