Nike Missile Niagara Falls-Buffalo Defense Area

Site designations and locations of Nike sites in western New York are:
(BU-09) Ransom Creek/Millersport
(NF-03) Model City
(BU-18) Lancaster/Milgrove
(NF-16) Sanborn/Cambria
(BU-34/35) Orchard Park
(NF-41) Grand Island, originally designated NF-74/75.
(BU-52) Hamburg

Buffalo and Niagara Falls were separate Defense Areas until their merger in December 1961. Sites BU-18, NF-16, and NF-41 were converted to operate Nike Hercules. Sites BU-34/35, BU-52, NF-03, NF-16, and NF-74/75 were double sites hosting 24 launchers. Before consolidation, the Niagara Falls Defense Area was commanded from historic Fort Niagara. Command and control was handled from a "BIRDIE" site collocated with Air Force tracking radars at Lockport Air Force Station. Both Regular Army and Army National Guard Units operated these batteries.