Nike Missile Travis AFB Defense Area

Before becoming a Military Airlift Command base, Travis hosted SAC bombers and thus required air defense at sites, which were located at Elmira (T-10), Dixon/Lambie (T-33), Potrero Hills (T-53), and Fairfield/Cement Hills (T-86). Regular Army units manned the sites ringing the air base. Elmira (T-10) and Fairfield/Cement Hills (T-86) received modifications to accept the Nike Hercules missile. The former site remained active until 1974 while the latter closed in 1971. Headquarters facilities were located at Travis AFB.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s the Travis battalion assumed responsibility for the remaining active batteries guarding the entire San Francisco region.

The Corps of Engineers San Francisco District commenced work in 1959 on a BOMARC installation at Travis. However, on March 25, 1960, the Air Force announced a $300 million cutback in the program and work ceased at the site.