Air Force Bases

Nike Missile Locations California

StateSite NameMissile TypeDefense AreaSite LocService DatesControl site condition/ownerLaunch Site condition/owner
CALA-29Nike 1B, 2C/18H, 30A/12L-UA, (7L-H)Los AngelesBrea/Puente Hill1958 - June 1971Private ownershipPrivate ownership
LA-88Nike 1B, 2C/18H, 30A/11L-ULos AngelesChatsworth Oat Mountain1957 - Mar 1974Partially Intact, Relay siteIntact, California Conservation Corps Camp
LA-43Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-UALos AngelesFort MacArthur (upper)1956 - Mar 1974Intact Cite of LA, Angeles Gate ParkIntact, City of LA, White Point Park
LA-32Nike 1B1C/12H, 20A/8L-ULos AngelesGarden Grove/Stanton1956 - Mar 1974Obliterated, Private ownership, Industrial parkPartially Intact, CAArNG, 458th MASH
LA-70Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ALos AngelesHyperion/Playa del Rey1956 - 1963Obliterated, FDS, vacantIntact, City of LA Department of Airports, Jet Pets Animal Services
LA-40Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ALos AngelesLong Beach Airport1956 - 1963Obliterated, Hotel and commercial developmentObliterated, Kilroy Airport Center
LA-94Nike 1B, 2C/18H-30A/12L-UALos AngelesLos Pinetos/Newhall1955 - Nov 1968Intact, LA County Fire Camp #9 and GTE cellular relay stationParially Intact, US Forest Service
LA-78Nike 1B, 2C/18H, 30A/12L-ULos AngelesMalibu1963 - Mar 1974Partially Intact, LA County Fire Department, Fire Camp #8Partially Intact, Microwave/ Communication Facility
LA-98Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ALos AngelesMagic Mountain/Lang Saugus1955 - Dec 1968Microwave relayPrivate owner, construction use
LA-09Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ALos AngelesMount Disappointment/ Barkley1956 - 1961Intact, LA County Probation Department work campObliterated, LA Sheriff's Department Air Station
LA-04Nike 1B, 2C/18H, 30A/11L-U, (10L-H)Los AngelesMount Gleason/ Palmdal1956 - Apr 1974Intact, State of California prison campObliterated, State of California
LA-73Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ALos AngelesPlaya del Rey/Lax1956 - 1963Obliterated, Apartments, commercial useIntact, City of LA Department of Airports, Jet Pets Animal Service
LA-55Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-ULos AngelesPoint Vincente1956 - Mar 1974Obliterated, City of Rancho Palos Verdes, Del Cero ParkIntact, City Hall Park
LA-57Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ALos AngelesRedondo Beach/ Torrence1956 - 1963Obliterated, City of Redondo Beach, Hopkins Wilderness ParkPartially Intact, City of Terrence, Torrence Airport Civel Air Patrol
LA-14Nike 2B/20A/8L-ALos AngelesSouth El Monte1956 - 1961Obliterated, City of LA Police/fire training siteObliterated, USAR Center
LA-96Nike 1B, 2C/18H, 30A/12L-U, (8L-H)Los AngelesVan Nuys/ Sepulveda1957 - Sep 1974Partially Intact, City of LA, San Vincente Mountain ParkIntact, CAArNG, 261st Combat Communication Squadron
SF-91Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoAngel Island1955 - 1961Partially Intact, AbandonedPartially Intact, NPS-GGNRA, Angel Island State Park
SF-31Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-USan FranciscoLake Chabot/ Castro Valley1956 - Mar 1974Intact, Communications FacilityPartially Intact, East Bay Regional Park District, Lake Chabot Park, Department of Public Safety, service yard
SF-37Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoCoyote Hills/ Newark1955 - Mar 1963Partially Intact, East Bay Regional Park District, Coyote Hills Regional Park Alameda County Sheriff's Department radio transmitterObliterated, Coyote Hills Regional Park
SF-88Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-USan FranciscoFort Barry/ SausalitoMar 1958 - Mar 1974Partially Intact, NPS-GGNRA, camp site, YMCA facilityIntact, National Park Service Restored Nike Site, open for tours
SF-87Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-USan FranciscoFort Cronkhite/ Sausalito1955 - June 1971Partially Intact, Golden Gate National Recreation AreaIntact, Marine Mammal Center
SF-59Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoFort Funston/ Mount San Bruno1956 - Mar 1963FDSPartially Intact, Park Picnic Area, launcher now a parking lot
SF-89Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoFort Winfield Scott1955 - Mar 1963Television/ communications facilityIntact, Salvageyard
SF-51Nike 2B/12H, 20A/8L-USan FranciscoMilagra/ Pacifica1956 - Mar 1974National Park Service, Sweeny Ridge Skyline PreserveObliterated, Milagra Ridge County Park
SF-25Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoRock Ridge1956 - July 1959Partially Intact, Las Trampas Regional Park and microwave communications facilityIntact, TRACOR Aerospace, Expendable Technology Center, Las Trampas Regional Park Office
SF-08Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoSan Pablo Ridge1956 - Mar 1963Obliterated, Wildcat Canyon Regional ParkObliterated, Wildcat Canyon Regional Park
SF-09Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ASan FranciscoSan Pablo Ridge/Berkeley1955 - June 1963Obliterated, Wildcat Canyon Regional ParkObliterated, Wildcat Canyou Regional Park
SF-93Nike 3B/18H, 30A/12L-USan FranciscoSan Raphael1957 - June 1971Partially Intact, Harry P. Barbier Memorial ParkPartially Intack, Martin County Waste Water Treatment Plant
T-33Nike AG/12A/12L-ATravis AFBDixon/Lambie1957 - Jan 1959Intact, State of California Department of Health ServicesObliterated, Private ownership
T-10Nike 3B/18H, 30A/12L-UTravis AFBElmira1958 - Mar 1974Intact, HousingIntact, Private ownership
T-86Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-UA, (8L-U)Travis AFBFairfield/ Cement Hills1958 - June 1971Private ownershipIntact, Solano County Detention Center and Animal Shelter
T-53Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-ATravis AFBPotrero Hills1958 - Jan 1959Intact, Explosives TechnologyIntact, Explosives Technology

Nike Missile Type Key

Missile Storage: C=Ajax only, original design B=Ajax or Hercules, some modifications were required for the elevator to handle the Hercules launcher. D= Either, increaed access room in the magazine
Missile Launcher: A=Ajax AA=Double Ajax launchers AG=Above Ground H=Hecrules L=Launcher K=Unoffical designation for Alaskan above ground launchers U=Uniersal launcher UA=1/2 Universal and 1/2 Ajax launchers UU=Double Univeral launchers
Note: Launchers converted to Hercules are given in paraenthesis, e.g. (8L-H)

This data is from the book To Defend and Deter: The Legacy of the United States Cold War Missile Program