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UR-200 (SS-10 Scrag) Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Two of these large ICBMs took part in the May 9th 1965 Red Square parade, towed tail-first by MAZ-537 tugs on trailers similar to those used to carry SS-9. Compared with the latter SS-10 is less attractive because it uses cryogenic lox/kerosene propellants, prohibiting long silo storage with tanks filled at instant readiness. On its first appearance the Russian commentator described it as “a sister to the Vostok and Voskhod rockets”, but this is hardly true. One claim to fame is that the first stage had gimbaled nozzles, an innovation on large Soviet rockets at that time. The two upper stages had single nozzles, with unspecified means to TVC. The inter-stage trusses were fabricated from tubes arranged in Warren-girder rings, with no skinning over the gaps. SS-10 did not go into service, and may have assisted the development of SS-18.

Dimensions: Length about 124 feet 8 inches/
Launch weight: About 374,800 pounds.
Range: About 7,456 miles.

UR-200 (SS-10 Scrag) Russian-Soviet Intercontinental Ballistic Missile