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R-5 (SS-3 Shyster) Russian Medium Range Ballistic Missile

This Medium Range Ballistic Missile represented the first major Russian advance beyond the A-4 (V-2), and it was not only virtually all-Russian but it entered service as early as 1955. At first retaining lox/alcohol technology, but later, about 1959, switching from alcohol to kerosene, it has a single thrust chamber and jet vanes backed up by aerodynamic rudders. A nuclear or conventional warhead occupied the pointed nosecone, and the assembled missile was towed on an articulated trailer by a 415 hp AT-T track on which rode the launch crew of 16.

Dimensions: Length about 68 feet 10 inches
Launch weight: 57,200 pounds. Range: Up to 750 miles.

Russian R-5 (SS-3, Shyster) MRBM