Navy Bases

Bremerton Naval Station

Naval Station Bremerton was established on October 1, 1998. The Naval Station was a shore activity in an active, fully operational status headed by a Commanding Officer and assigned to Commander, Navy Region Northwest. The principal speaker at installation was Vice Admiral James F. Amerault, DCNO for Logistics. The Naval Station was established in response to the growing homeport presence at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and to provide the focused support required for home ported ships. Naval Station Bremerton encompasses a portion of the property and facilities that were formally part of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS). During 1998, Naval Station Bremerton served as homeport for seven ships: USS CARL VINSON CVN 70, USS SACRAMENTO AOE-1, USS CAMDEN AOE-2, USS RAINIER AOE-7, USS BRIDGE AOE-10, USS MOUNT HOOD AE 29, and USS CALIFORNIA CGN 36. The Naval Station provided support and services to approximately 10,000 Sailors and their dependents. Jackson Park Housing was the responsibility of Naval Station Bremerton. Naval Station Bremerton had three Commanding Officers during its existence; Captain Judy Holden, Captain Steve Kremer, and Captain Thomas J. Dargan.

Bremerton is on 205 acres of land.

In June 2004, Naval Station Bremerton was disestablished and included in regionalization plans under new title, Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton.

Bremerton Navy Yard views circa 1913
Bremerton Navy Yard views circa 1913