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Titan II 374-7 Missile Silo Little Rock AFB Arkansas

Titan II 374-7

Wing: 308th SMW
Squadron: 374th SMS

Date Activated: September 1st 1962
Date Deactivated: August 15th 1986

Air Force Base: Little Rock
State: Arkansas
Nearest Town: Southside

Latitude: 35°24'50.59"N
Longitude: 92°23'50.33"W
Latitude: 35.414053
Longitude: -92.397314
Latitude: 35 24.8431666666667
Longitude: -92 23.8388333333333

Titan II 374-7 Missile Silo Little Rock AFB Arkansas

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Former Titan II Missile Silo. On September 19th 1980 a dropped wrench punctured a fuel tank. Hours later it blew with such force that the 740 ton silo lid was blown off and the warhead (relatively undamaged) landed 600 feet away. Read more about this accident here.

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