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Titan II Missile Specifications

Length: 103 ft. (ICBM configuration) - First stage length 70 ft.

Diameter: 10 ft. (first & second stages - ICBM configuration).

Weight: 270,000 lbs. at launch

Armament: General Electric Mk. 6 Nuclear warhead

Engines: First stage - Aerojet LR87-AJ-5 two chamber liquid propellant rocket of 430,000 lbs. thrust fueled by Aerozine-50 (fuel) that ignites on contact with nitrogen tetroxide (oxidizer). Second stage of ICBM configuration was powered by Aerojet-General LR91-AJ-5 rocket engine of 100,000 lbs. Thrust

Crew: None

PERFORMANCE (ICBM Configuration)

Maximum speed: 15,000 mph / 13,904 knots

Maximum range: Approximately 10,000 statute miles / 8,700 nautical miles

Maximum altitude: 700 statute miles / 610 nautical miles