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Titan II Missile Deployment Timeline

Construction of the first Titan II Missile Silos began on December 9th, 1960 at Davis-Monthan AFB. On March 31st 1963 Launch Complex 570-2 at Davis-Monthan became the first Titan II ICBM on strategic alert. The last silo was complete and on Alert by December 31st, 1963.

On November 11th 1981 an outline of the Titan II deactivation plan was released to the public. On May 6th 1987 the last Titan II, at Little Rock AFB, was taken off alert.

390th Strategic Missile Wing (SMW), Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

On AlertOff Alert
571-8December 9th 1960July 6th 1962April 15th 1963February 8th 1984
571-9December 9th 1960July 1st 1962April 6th 1963January 4th 1984
570-2December 9th 1960May 23rd 1963March 31st 1963April 4th 1983
570-6December 21st 1960August 8th 1962April 22nd 1963February 27th 1984
570-3December 22nd 1960October 5th 1962May 22nd 1963March 27th 1984
570-8December 22nd 1960September 28th 1962June 25th 1963June 27th 1983
570-5December 27th 1960August 9th 1962May 3rd 1963May 21st 1984
570-7December 28th 1960September 4th 1962May 24th 1963January 3rd 1983
570-4January 5th 1961August 21st 1962June 1st 1963May 7th 1984
570-9January 9th 1961September 14th 1962June 14th 1963July 2nd 1982
570-1January 10th 1961September 19th 1962June 8th 1963May 12th 1983
571-4January 24th 1961December 14th 1962October 24th 1963August 10th 1983
571-5February 2nd 1961October 31st 1962July 24th 1963March 3rd 1983
571-7February 2nd 1961October 25th 1962July 15th 1963November 12th 1982
571-3February 3rd 1961December 6th 1962October 10th 1963October 4th 1983
571-2February 8th 1961November 13th 1962September 17th 1963November 21st 1983
571-1February 10th 1961November 20th 1962July 18th 1963August 2nd 1983
571-6February 10th 1961October 17th 1962July 2nd 1963September 29th 1982

381st Strategic Missile Wing (SMW), McConnell AFB, Kansas

On AlertOff Alert
532-6December 19th 1960July 3rd 1962October 31st 1963January 16th 1986
532-5December 22nd 1960July 15th 1962November 10th 1963August 10th 1984
532-8December 19th 1960July 26th 1962October 23rd 1963January 29th 1986
532-9December 31st 1960July 30th 1962October 15th 1963March 25th 1986
532-7January 14th 1961August 21st 1962November 14th 1963October 29th 1984
532-3January 17th 1961August 22nd 1962December 4th 1963September 17th 1984
532-2February 8th 1961September 10th 1962November 29th 1963November 16th 1985
532-4January 22nd 1961September 15th 1962November 13th 1963February 20th 1986
532-1February 10th 1961October 4th 1962November 21st 1963January 8th 1985
533-9January 27th 1961October 17th 1962October 21st 1963May 27th 1986
533-8December 30th 1960October 24th 1962July 5th 1963July 2nd 1984
533-7January 19th 1961November 1st 1962July 20th 1963August 24th 1978
533-6January 3rd 1961October 31st 1962October 14th 1963April 29th 1985
533-5January 26th 1961November 21st 1962October 30th 1963March 14th 1985
533-4January 27th 1961November 30th 1962November 4th 1963July 29th 1985
533-3January 27th 1961December 11th 1962November 7th 1963October 3rd 1985
533-2January 27th 1961December 27th 1962November 16th 1963June 5th 1985
533-1January 27th 1961January 11th 1963November 27th 1963August 22nd 1985

308th Strategic Missile Wing (SMW), Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

On AlertOff Alert
373-4January 3rd 1961July 31st 1962May 16th 1963February 18th 1987
373-5January 3rd 1961August 14th 1962June 15th 1963October 20th 1986
373-8January 3rd 1961August 28th 1962December 8th 1963May 6th 1987
373-7January 5th 1961September 16th 1962June 26th 1963April 3rd 1986
373-3January 7th 1961September 25th 1962October 19th 1963March 18th 1987
373-2January 9th 1961October 9th 1962November 29th 1963May 4th 1987
374-9January 16th 1961October 23rd 1962October 28th 1963October 3rd 1985
373-1January 23rd 1961November 6th 1962November 15th 1963January 5th 1987
373-9January 23rd 1961November 20th 1962November 15th 1963February 6th 1986
373-6January 19th 1961November 29th 1962November 23rd 1963June 20th 1985
374-6January 30th 1961December 13th 1962December 18th 1963June 25th 1986
374-7January 30th 1961December 27th 1962December 18th 1963September 21st 1980
374-8January 31st 1961January 10th 1963December 20th 1963March 17th 1985
374-4February 6th 1961January 24th 1963December 28th 1963August 27th 1986
374-3February 6th 1961February 7th 1963December 19th 1963August 5th 1986
374-5February 15th 1961February 26th 1963December 26th 1963May 19th 1986
374-1February 9th 1961March 12th 1963December 23rd 1963August 15th 1985
374-2February 14th 1961March 26th 1963December 19th 1963September 15th 1986