Air Force Bases

Ankara Air Station, Ankara Turkey

Location: Located 2 miles southwest of Ankara, near the village of Balgat, Turkey

Origin of current name: Named after a city in Turkey

Date current name was assigned to base: February 28, 1958

Previous Names: Balgat Field; Ankara Airfield; Ankara Air Base

Date Established: August 1, 1955

Date Occupied: May 15, 1955

Construction Began: July 1, 1962

Base Units: 7217th Spt Gp, 15 May 1955-30 Jun 1958; 7250th Spt Gp, 1 Jul 1958-14 Oct 1971; 39th Tac Gp, 15 Oct 1971-14 Nov 1982; 7217th AB Gp, 15 Nov 1982

Changes in Capability: Established as an administrative headquarters without flying operations; Ankara AS's primary mission was to provide support for the U.S. military and diplomatic mission in Turkey, especially for the American military community situated in the greater Ankara area; base supported HQ The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG) after May 1973, when that headquarters moved to Ankara AS from downtown Ankara.

Changes in Status: Closed 1994

Base was Decommissioned on