Air Force Bases

Hahn Air Base, Germany

Location: Located 1 mile north of Lautzenhausen, 60 miles west of Wiesbaden, and 1 mile south of Hahn, Federal Republic of Germany.

Origin of current name: Named after a village in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Date current name was assigned to base: September 8, 1952

Previous Names: None

Date Established: September 8, 1952

Date Occupied: September 8, 1952

Construction Began: June 2, 1952

Base Units: 7356th AB Gp, 9 Sep 1952; 50th AB Gp, 10 Aug 1953; 7425th AB Gp, 1 Aug 1956 (rdsgd 7425th Spt Gp, 1 Dec 1957); 50th AB Gp, 1 Sep 1959 (rdsgd 50th Cmbt Spt Gp, 1 Sep 1959); 50th Tac Ftr Wg, 1 Jul 1966.

Changes in Capability: Fifteen three-story dormitories, roads, guard posts, and fences completed early 1953; operational and support facilities completed for F-86F aircraft, Aug 1953; support facilities installed to accommodate a pilotless bomber squadron (later, redesignated a tactical missile squadron) Sep 1954; facilities for night flying constructed late 1954; underground operations room occupied Oct 1955; major runway repair and resurfacing projects completed in 1959 and 1963; runway barriers installed Aug 1961; earlier dependent housing shortage eliminated with completion of additional quarters late 1962; TAB VEE hardened maintenance shelters constructed 1968-1972; rescue alert facilities completed early 1969; aircraft hot fuel system completed in two phases 1973-1976; dormitory remodeling project (German-funded) completed mid-1976; contingency launch/recovery runway completed Dec 1977; 33 munitions storage igloos completed at Wueschheim Weapons Storage Area, mid-1978.

Changes in Status: Closed September 30th 1993

Base was Decommissioned on September 30, 1993