Air Force Bases

Hessisch-Oldendorf Air Station, Germany

Location: Located 30 miles west of Hanover, 10 miles northwest of Hameln, Federal Republic of Germany.

Origin of current name: Named after the town of Hessisch-Oldendorf in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Date current name was assigned to base: May 21, 1976

Previous Names: Royal Netherlands AF Caserne, Hessisch-Oldendorf.

Date Established: May 21, 1976

Date Occupied: June 15, 1976

Construction Began: February 5, 1976

Base Units: 609th Tac Con Sq, 15 Jun 1976; 600th Cmbt Spt Sq, 20 Sep 1976.

Changes in Capability: An installation with no flying units. Under the 609th Tac Con Sq, station operated a Control and Reporting Post (CRP), and a computerized mobile radar that tied into the NATO Air Defense Ground Environment (NADGE) system for command and control of NATO aircraft on combat and training missions; as a northern extension of the 601st Tac Con Wg, the 609th Sq controlled installations of the 619th and 609th Tac Con Fits; the 600th Cmbt Spt Sq assumed responsibility for the base on 20 Sep 1976; it hosted the 600th Tac Con Gp and all tenant organizations, and provided base support for off-base installations of the 600th Tac Con Gp in the North German area. Major Commands to Which Assigned: USAFE, 21 May 1976.

Changes in Status: Closed 1991?

Base was Decommissioned on